Anton Batagov

Music for Two Pianos

Waltz in D Minor
Eternal Return
Buster Keaton
The Last Alchemist


Total time 37:51


Waltz in D Minor: composed in 1995 for a theater production of The Pelican by August Strindberg
(directed by Maria Fridh-Kleberg)

Eternal Return : composed in 1999 for the movie Kopeika
(written by Vladimir Sorokin, directed by Ivan Dykhovichny)

Buster Keaton: composed in 1996 for the TV show Catch-22 with Ivan Dykhovichny

The Last Alchemist (to the memory of Evgeny Golovin): composed in 2016


All compositions written and performed by Anton Batagov
Recorded in 2022
Recorded, edited, mixed by Anton Batagov
Piano: late 1920's Chickering
Cover image by Alisa Naremontti
Design by Sergey Krasin
Executive producer: Sergei Krasin


This album consists of four pieces for two pianos written at different times and recorded in 2022. I recorded both piano parts myself. Here is why. Music for piano duo is in fact music for one pianist who has four hands. As a rule, such compositions are performed by two different people, and the performers are two different personalities, two different worlds. Our perception gets split, and it feels like listening to two completely different interpretations of the same music simultaneously. This listening experience can be interesting but for this recording I chose to go for integrity. That's why you will hear one four handed pianist.




Release date: July 28, 2023