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Recorded in January 1999 at the Radio House Studio in Moscow, “Music for Piano” was taken on special significance for its author but was stored in archives. It looks now like Batagov attempted to avoid the inevitable appearance of a new label in conformity with that work: for the first time in his practice he performed his own piano-music! One year after he wrote: “These years I’ve once and for all bid farewell to the authorship complex as applied to others’ or my own music. All these abstracts of individuality, your own or someone else’s style, innovation, and etceteras are nothing more than the manifestation of egoism and the wish to confirm one’s vain ego-superiority over other egos.”

Batagov’s Music for Piano, released in the end of 2003, remains beyond any particularized expertise or criticism. It reveals the development of the artist’s personal aesthetics: the next creative act that helps escaping “the temptation of fixing personal (and global) errors and neurotic illusions and then presenting all these as one’s individuality.” A true meaning of what Anton Batagov did more than five years ago is a continuing movement along the path of Knowledge. With this in mind, a listener will definitely comprehend the delicate and charming nature of Batagov’s piano-performance, as well as the pure and blessed spirit of his piano-music.

"Batagov is very well known in Russia as a Piano protege, in fact, judging by the several releases he has put together, he is in huge demand for his ability. Each of the tracks is from 7 to 16 minutes in length, which at first glance seems oddly worrying for a Piano only release. Fortunately, the hype surrounding this man isn"t over-hyped in the slightest. Batagov has a knack of generating beautiful, sorrowful and haunting Piano melodies. The first track grips you from the word "go", and takes on an almost delicate Eastern manner at times. This is a Ballad, a Lullaby, or even just a nice soothing number to fall asleep too. It doesn"t stop here either, each of the tracks takes on a clear different approach in sound, and Anton is not only a master of his art, he"s by far a modern day Composer. It feels unfair to compare this to the likes of Mozart, Beethoven etc, as the style is too stretched, but by all means, there aren"t enough people out there playing original Piano music anymore. Out of those that are, Mr. Batagov is one of the best I"ve heard. Face it, who doesn"t hear a Piano piece and think "wow"?. The question is, can you handle 54 minutes of just Piano? If you think you can, please, please get an Anton Batagov release. Preferably this one. It"s calming, relaxing, Beautiful.

– by T300 of HEATHEN HARVEST (USA) (December 2006).

    1/ piano / august 1996 13:11  
    2/ piano / september 1996 07:13  
    3/ piano / july 1995 17:44  
    4/ piano / august 1995 16:22