Sounds. Anton BATAGOV
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The Wheel of the Law

© 2002 Long Arms Records / Tummo CDLA 02040-42 (3 CD set)

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"...the greatest new minimalist work of the past 10 years"
Forced Exposure
magazine (Boston, MA)

"I want you to know about this Russian composer’s stunning, trance-inducing, eerie compositions."
Magnet magazine (Philadelphia, PA)

" ...three epic pieces of gorgeous minimalism from Russian composer Anton Batagov...
...completely an utterly breathtaking."

from Aquarius records annotation (San Francisco, CA)


Unless one sees the Buddha in one's mind, Nirvana is obscured.
Although the Wisdom of Nirvana and the Ignorance of the Samsara illusorily appear to be two things, they cannot truly be differentiated.
It is an error to conceive them otherwise than as one.
Erring and non-erring are, intrinsically, also a unity.
By not taking the mind to be naturally a duality, and allowing it, as the primordial consciousness, to abide in its own place, beings attain deliverance.
The error of doing otherwise than this arises not from Ignorance in the mind itself, but from not having sought to know the nature of mind.
Seek within thine own self-illuminated, self-originated mind whence, firstly, all such concepts arise, secondly, where they exist, and, lastly, whither they vanish.

(Guru Padmasambhava.
Self-Liberation Through Seeing With Naked Awareness)


    volume 1  
    1/ dus-kyi khor-lo
      circle of time    (63:38)
    volume 2  
    1/ snang-stong
      appearances and voidness    (9:10)
    2/ gsal-stong
      clarity and voidness    (11:45)
    3/ bde-stong
      bliss and voidness    (14:05)
    4/ rig-stong
      mind and voidness    (8:35)
    volume 3  
    1/ bardo thos grol
      liberation through listening in the between    (63:36)