Anton Batagov

Early Piano Works Revisited


Piano / August 1995
Piano / September 1996
Piano / July 1995
Piano / August 1996


Total time: 56:54



Composed by: Anton Batagov, 1995/96
Recorded, edited and mixed by: Anton Batagov, January 2021
Mastered by: Ruslan Zaipold
Piano: 1980 Estonia
Microphones: Elation KM-901, BIV RM-1
Produced by: AB and Sergei Krasin
Cover photo by: Alisa Naremontti
Design by: Sergei Krasin


This is the first digital release of four piano pieces composed in 1995/96 and released in 2003 as a limited edition CD album. In early 2021 I made some minor changes to the score and then made a new recording. For this recording I chose a 1980 Estonia baby grand. Its warm, soft, profound tone and clearly audible sounds of moving hammers work very well for this music inspired by church bells and old believers' chants. This recording is an experience opposite to a performance in a large hall on a modern concert grand. It's a completely different thing – just like a daily job of a bell-ringer who plays alone on a bell tower in a singing cloud of tones accompanied by creaking ropes, belts and pedals.