Anton Batagov
Selected songs and meditations of John Donne

Song I (Go and Catch a Falling Star)
Meditation II (The Heavens and The Earth)
The Message
The Undertaking
Meditation XVII (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
A Hymn to God The Father
Song II (Give No Way to Grief)

State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia
Vladimir Jurowski, conductor
Alexander Korenkov, vocals
Asya Sorshneva, violin
Anton Batagov, piano
Sergei Kalachev "Grebstel", bass guitar
Vladimir Zharko, drums

recorded live at Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow, November 17, 2014

© 2015 Fancymusic

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When Vladimir Jurowski suggested that I write something for the State Symphony, the idea of a vocal cycle to the poerty of John Donne emerged immediately, in the course of our conversation, as if John Donne himself came to us and said:
- Gentlemen. I have wanted to talk about something for a long time. I think it's time to do it now.
We gladly agreed.
John Donne (1572 – 1631), English poet, priest, mystic, philosopher, alchemist.
A man who had no fear of death because he knew that it was not the end but a long-awaited moment of renewal and cure, a moment when you are being "translated into a better language" like a chapter from a book – a language much more beautiful and perfect – to become part of a global library "where every book shall lie open to one another".
A man who used the word "meditations" for his sermons.
A man who uncompromisingly rejected everything that did not lead to the ultimate truth.
A man who knew what true love was. Love that cannot be stopped by death.
And he knew the difference between that love and an illusion people usually mistake for love.
The one who has that knowledge sees no border between He and She, between You and I, between heaven and earth. 
One who has that knowledge is aware that parting does not imply loss.
One who has experienced such love gives no more way to grief.
One who has experienced such love fears no more.


Anton Batagov, edited by Cazimir Liske