Anton Batagov

MADE IN 1993
The Art of Sampling



Prepared Piano Factory

Music for Voice and Breathing

Orchestra Rehearsal




Composed, sampled, performed and recorded by Anton Batagov, 1993
Mixed by Anton Batagov, 2019
Mastered by Ruslan Zaipold, 2020
Produced by Sergei Krasin
Photos by Alisa Naremontti
Design by Sergei Krasin
Special thanks to: Pyotr Kudryavtsev


This album features three electro-acoustic compositions created in 1993. It's pretty much a classical form, something like a three-movement concerto. Allegro – Adagio – Allegro. Approximately 90% of all sounds used in these compositions were not taken from a sound library. I sampled them myself: prepared piano, my own voice, orchestra, and some other sounds. All of this had been stored on floppy disks and patiently waiting. In the fall 2019 the files were successfully opened. New mixing has made this work ready for release. Turn the volume all the way up please.