Anton Batagov

Post Production


The Lake
Kopeika's Birth
Weather Forecast
Vintage TV
Prelude in E-flat Major
Culture News
This Is a Comedy
Story 1
Lyrical Music
Battle Music
Through the Forest
The Magic of Cinema

Written for
"Kopeika" movie soundtrack (2) (Directed by Ivan Dykhovichny)
"Unfamiliar Weapon or The Crusader-2" movie soundtrack (9 – 12) (Directed by Ivan Dykhovichny)
"U" movie soundtrack (4, 8) (Directed by Tatiana Daniliyants)
"Frescoes of Dreams" movie soundtrack (13) (Directed by Tatiana Daniliyants)
Kultura TV channel (1, 6, 7, 14)
NTV channel (3, 5)

Recorded in January 2014 at the School of Dramatic Art theater on Fazioli grand piano

Cover photo by Liana Darenskaya


Post production is the stage in making movies, television shows and other sorts of audiovisual "productions" in which music, special effects, and various other “miracles” are added to the picture. The music you hear on this CD was written for films and television. It formed part of the story, part of life on screen. Someone made love or killed someone to the accompaniment of this music. Somebody did something; someone walked, drove, or flew somewhere; someone talked, laughed or suffered… The mood was lighthearted or sad. Everything was just like in a movie.

I then made one more post production intervention: I turned these soundtracks into solo piano pieces, retaining only the titles of the films and TV shows from which they derive. It does not matter if you have seen them or not. Let this music be a soundtrack for your imagination – for all that you see right now, or wish to see.

AB, translated by William Quillen


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