Anton Batagov


Music for Ivan Vyrypaev's drama



Myth is reality

Words are what we are silent about

The interview

Disquiet is a river

Career in New York

New York out my window

Love is the Creator's disquiet

I'm far away

Another version of the truth

I'm falling up


Total time: 51:32



Composed by: Anton Batagov
Recorded at: Forte Piano Music Company Recital Hall, Paramus, NJ, June 2018
Piano: 1954 Steinway Model A
Microphones: Elation KM-901, BIV RM-1
Edited, mixed at: Henry Road studio, Cragsmoor, NY, June 2018
Mastered by: Ruslan Zaipold
Produced by: Anton Batagov
Cover photo by: Alisa Naremontti
Design by: Sergei Krasin

Executive producer: Sergei Krasin

All compositions written by Anton Batagov for theater production Disquiet (Volnenie),
Bolshoi Drama Theater, St. Petersburg
Drama written and directed by Ivan Vyrypaev